Retirement is the biggest financial decision of your life.

Managing all the moving pieces of a retirement income plan requires skills and training that the average financial planner doesn’t have.

Get guidance from a specialist, not a generalist.

Are You Wondering...


When can I retire, and how much can I spend without running out of money?


How do I get income from my various investments?


Is there any way to lower my taxes?


Are our investments set up properly for retirement?


When should I start receiving my Social Security benefits?


Will my spouse be okay if I pass away?

Meet the Specialist

1 Min


Why Optimum Retirement Planning

Expect a specialist, not a generalist

Most advisors are generalists without the expertise to steer you through complex choices and decisions needed to build a smart retirement plan. We specialize and study the needs, wants, and expectations of those close to and in retirement.

Expect an Optimum Retirement Plan (ORP), not a one-size-fits-all freebie plan

Your ORP is a thoughtful, serious review of how, together we can: lower taxes, optimize Social Security, wisely invest your hard earned assets, and enhance your retirement income.

Expect a choice of a Flexible Fee Structure (FFS)

Working with us means we'll mutually determine the best fee structure to support your retirement plan and needs.

Fiduciary and No Commissions (Fee-Only)

Everyone deserves to have an advisor that acts in their best interest, and to know exactly how their advisor is compensated. That's why we don't take any commissions from products we recommend. We act as your fiduciary 100% of the time, which means we are legally obligated to give you the best advice possible at all times.

Proactive Service

We bring wealth-enhancing opportunities to your attention. Every year, our proactive service model tackles the key concerns retirees have: retirement planning, tax savings, investment management, in addition to a rotating topic based on your wants and needs. Of course, I'm available throughout the year to guide you through any questions that come up.

How to Get Started

The process is simple

Step 1

15 Minute Call

A quick call to see if your needs match our expertise. If we aren't the right fit, I'll make sure to introduce you to a firm who is.

Step 2


A 1 hour meeting to clarify your goals, concerns, and current situation. Our job is to listen and ask thoughtful questions, so be prepared to talk!

Step 3


We create an Optimum Retirement Plan (ORP) for you.

Step 4


We execute the Plan together.

Financial Guidance to Help
You Retire and Stay Retired.