LIVE Tax Reduction Strategies for

Retirement Webinar

LIVE Tax Reduction Strategies for Retirement Webinar

In 35 minutes, learn new strategies to potentially reduce your taxes, such as Roth conversions, low-tax retirement income strategies, and more.

In the webinar, we will discuss:


How to minimize income taxes when taking withdrawals from your various retirement and investment accounts


What a Roth conversion is, and who can benefit from them.


Investment strategies to minimize taxes


Which types of accounts should be paired with certain investments


How to coordinate your Social Security claiming decisions with tax-savings strategies


An overview of how the US income tax system works.


How to avoid the Medicare premium surcharge


What RMD’s are, and how to avoid costly mistakes with them

Please Note

This webinar is designed to help savers with at least $250,000 in their investment and retirement accounts. We’ve found that people who have less than this amount typically do not benefit much from these strategies because they are already in the lowest two tax brackets.

Your Presenter

Larry Pershing, CFP®, Retirement Management Advisor®

Larry is the founder of Optimum Retirement Planning LLC, a financial planning firm that specializes in helping people retire and stay retired. Larry empowers individuals to retire confidently, invest wisely, and reduce their taxes. Larry has assisted hundreds of retirees in achieving their financial goals. As a fee-only fiduciary planner, he does not receive ANY commissions, and is obligated to act in the best interest of people he gives financial advice to.

If you have any questions about the webinar content,
you can contact Larry at [email protected]


Questions? We’ve got answers!

A: No, this is an educational event. Additionally, Optimum Retirement Planning is a fee-only, fiduciary firm. Being fee-only means we never receive any commissions. Being a fiduciary means we are legally obligated to act in your best interest if you ask us for financial advice.

A: We like to give back to the community and help people. Providing these webinars is also a way for us to spread the word about our firm. Some people decide to contact us for financial advice after viewing our workshops. You are in no way obligated to use our services by attending an event.
A: If you are between the ages of 55 and 72, and have investable assets of at least $250,000, then you will likely find this webinar very beneficial. The webinar was created for both people close to retirement and in retirement. We have found that individuals with less than $250,000 in investable assets typically are already in the lowest two tax brackets. Therefore it is difficult to reduce their taxes with the strategies we discuss.

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