What’s the 4 percent rule

The 4 percent rule is a rule of thumb that tries to answer the classic question, “How much can I spend each year in retirement without running out of money?” How long does the 4 percent rule last? Following the 4 percent rule would allow someone to not run out of money for 30 years […]

Is a Roth conversion the same as a backdoor Roth?

Maybe. A backdoor Roth is a tax-free Roth conversion executed under certain circumstances. All backdoor Roth’s are considered Roth conversions but not all Roth conversions are considered backdoor Roths. A backdoor Roth conversion is typically executed to help reduce lifetime taxes by reducing taxes on investment growth.  Tennis analogy To make sense of this let’s […]

When will the Social Security fund run out of money?

Many people hear that Social Security will run out of money in the next decade, and Social Security benefits will cease. This is not true. The Social Security trust fund will likely run out of money in the 2030’s, but ongoing taxes will support about 75% of current Social Security retirement benefits. In other words, […]

How Rising Interest Rates Help Retirees

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The 10-year US treasury is bouncing around 3%. Retirees should view this as good news because it means they will likely receive more interest income from bonds over their retirement if rates hold. Even factoring in the decrease in value of bonds, the rise in interest rates will more than make up for the decline […]

Inflation Investments – Is now the time?

One of the biggest economic stories in 2022 is the continued rise in inflation. Many people are rightly upset about the value of their money being degraded by inflation. Many folks are wondering if they should be making changes to their investments to offset the impact of inflation. Let’s review a few of the more well-known […]

Proposed Updates to Withdrawal Rules for Inherited IRAs

After passage of the SECURE Act, the rules became more complicated and less beneficial for many individuals who inherited IRAs. Now the IRS is proposing regulations to implement the SECURE Act, and this will likely make the rules surrounding inherited IRAs even more complex and less beneficial to owners of inherited IRA accounts. Before we […]

One Strategy to Take Advantage of a Market Decline

With war raging in Ukraine and markets swinging wildly, some investors are wondering whether there are any actions they should be taking with their investments. Moments like these are where a long-term investment strategy shines. Having a long-term outlook with investments can allow investors to tune out the noise, knowing that their portfolio isn’t dependent […]

How much can you spend from your investments in retirement?

A recently published study from financial research house, Morningstar, suggests traditional stock and bond investments won’t produce as much retirement income as these have in the past. This means retirees will receive less income from their investments or need to save more to fund their retirement spending goals.   The authors of the study believe […]

Health Insurance Options Before Age 65


Searching for health insurance options before age 65 is challenging. One way to keep from being overwhelmed with all of your options is to start your search by thinking of the different providers of health insurance. A provider could be the government, your old employer, a private insurance company, or a non-profit insurance organization. There […]

Tax Reduction Strategies for Retirement Webinar

When Andy and Brenna virtually walked into my office, they proudly declared that they hadn’t paid income taxes in 5 years during their retirement. Unfortunately, they didn’t know how the US tax system worked, and really, they just DEFERRED those taxes for later. That move ultimately cost them over $200,000 in extra taxes over their […]