Tax Reduction Strategies for Retirement Webinar

When Andy and Brenna virtually walked into my office, they proudly declared that they hadn’t paid income taxes in 5 years during their retirement. Unfortunately, they didn’t know how the US tax system worked, and really, they just DEFERRED those taxes for later. That move ultimately cost them over $200,000 in extra taxes over their retirement. Taxes are complicated, and many are unaware of key tax-reduction strategies. Have you wondered:

  1. How to minimize taxes when taking withdrawals from your various investment and retirement accounts?
  2. What a Roth conversion is and who can benefit from it?
  3. What investment strategies can reduce your taxes?
  4. Which types of accounts should be paired with investments?
  5. How to coordinate Social Security claiming decisions with tax-savings strategies?
  6. What RMDs are, and how to avoid costly mistakes with them?
  7. Common mistakes that cost individuals thousands of dollars?

Come to our free webinar, Tax Reduction Strategies for Retirement, and learn strategies that can prevent you from overpaying your taxes before and in retirement.

Thursday, September 23rd from 7 PM to 7:45 PM CST